Dental X-Ray Sensor Repairs


At Repair.Dental, we're your trusted partners for high-quality dental X-ray sensor repairs. We proudly serve clinics in North America and Europe, and our reputation for excellence keeps us dedicated to improving our services. Our expert team excels in troubleshooting, diagnosing, and repairing a wide range of digital X-ray sensor brands.

What Sets Us Apart:


1.  Troubleshooting: Our technicians are like "detectives" for X-ray sensors. We're skilled at identifying issues and their root causes.


2.  Diagnosing: Once we identify the problem, we act as the trusted "doctors" for your sensor, providing precise diagnoses.


3.  Repairing: After pinpointing the issue, our skilled team rolls up their sleeves to repair various sensor brands and models, restoring them to peak performance.




Why Choose Repair.Dental:


When you choose Repair.Dental, you're entrusting your X-ray sensor to capable hands. We're committed to delivering high-quality repair services and continuously enhancing our expertise. Your dental equipment will be expertly cared for, ensuring it functions flawlessly.




Serving North America and Europe:


Repair.Dental extends its services to dental clinics across North America and Europe. Whether you're in a bustling urban center or a charming rural practice, we're here to ensure your X-ray sensor works at its best.


At Repair.Dental, we're dedicated to addressing every facet of dental sensor issues. Our commitment goes beyond fixing the obvious problems; we delve into the intricate workings of these devices. We handle a wide range of challenges, including cables, USB connectors, sensor covers, PCBs, chipsets, artifacts, and virtually any issue your sensor may encounter.



What sets us apart?


Repair.Dental stands as the unique authority in North America and Europe, possessing the expertise to tackle a wide spectrum of problems. We're so trusted that we even repair warranties from some of these manufacturers. When you choose us, you're selecting the ultimate solution for your dental sensor repair needs. We are the go-to destination for comprehensive sensor repair, and we take pride in our capability to resolve even the most intricate issues, ensuring that your dental equipment functions impeccably.




Below is a list of some dental sensor brands you mentioned, along with specific models from each brand:



  1. DEXIS:

    • DEXIS Platinum Dental X-ray Sensor

    • DEXIS Titanium Dental X-ray Sensor

    • DEXIS IXS Dental Dental X-ray Sensor

    • GENDEX™ GXS-700 Dental X-ray Sensor

    • GENDEX Visualix EHD Dental X-ray Sensor

  2. IRAY:

    • IRAY iSENSOR Dental X-ray Sensor
  3. E2V:

    • E2V Intra Oral Dental X-ray Sensor

    • Hamamatsu Intra Oral Dental X-ray Sensor

    • QuickRay Dental X-ray Sensor
    • QuickRayDX Dental X-ray Sensor
  6. EVA:

    • EVA Classic Dental X-ray Sensor
    • EVA Select Dental X-ray Sensor

    • DentiMax Dream Dental X-ray Sensor
    • Open Sensor
  8. SUNI:

    • SuniRay Dental X-ray Sensor
    • SuniRay 2000 Dental X-ray Sensor

    • Planmeca ProSensor
    • Planmeca ProSensor HD
  10. MIDMARK:

    • Midmark Intraoral Digital Dental X-ray Sensor
    • Midmark ClearVision Digital Dental X-ray Sensor
    • Progeny Digital Dental X-ray Sensor
  11. TUXEDO:

    • TUXEDO Intraoral Dental X-ray Sensor
  12. APEX:

    • APEX Dental X-ray Sensor
  13. VATECH:

    • Vatech EZSensor
    • Vatech EZSensor HD
    • Vatech Wave Sensor
  14. UNIRAY:

    • UnirayHD Sensor
  15. OWANDY:

    • Owandy Opteo Dental X-ray Sensor
  16. MYRAY:

    • MyRay Dental X-ray Sensor
  17. XDR:

    • XDR Dental X-ray Sensor

    • SOPIX² Dental X-ray Sensor

    • Carestream® RVG 5000
    • Carestream® RVG 5100
    • Carestream® RVG 5200
    • Carestream® RVG 6000
    • Carestream® RVG 6100
    • Carestream® RVG 6200
    • Carestream® WiFi RVG 6500


    • Kodak RVG 5000
    • Kodak RVG 5100
    • Kodak RVG 5200
    • Kodak RVG 6000
    • Kodak RVG 6100
    • Kodak RVG 6200
    • Kodak Wifi RVG 6500
  20. KAVO:

    • KaVo ProXam iS Digital Sensor
  21. SCHICK:

    • Schick 33 Intraoral Sensor
    • Schick Elite Intraoral Sensor
    • Schick AE Intraoral Sensor
    • Schick CDR Intraoral Sensor
    • Schick CDR 2000 Intraoral Sensor
    • Schick CDR Wireless Intraoral Sensor
    • Schick XIOS XG Intraoral Sensor

    • Sirona XIOS




Simple Sensor Repair Process:



Getting your X-ray sensor repaired is easy with Repair.Dental. Regardless of your sensor's brand or model, we have the expertise to fix it. Just send us your sensor for a free estimate, and you only pay for successful repairs. To start the repair process, call us at 1855 533 3399.



Choose Repair.Dental for swift, reliable, and top-notch X-ray sensor repairs. We're here to ensure your dental equipment works flawlessly, supporting clinics in North America and Europe. Trust us with your diagnostic tools and experience our commitment to excellence.

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